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Aromatherapy By Samantha’s innovative range of aroma jewellery, blends eye catching design with practical application.  All aroma jewellery is hand crafted By Samantha from her home workshop in the leafy Holme Valley.  Pairing high quality gemstones and volcanic lava beads with pure essential oils, combines their theraputic properties to bring you truly wearable well-being.

Root Chakra – Vetiver with Red Agate – Grounding & Protection, Sacral Chakra – Ylang ylang with peach aventurine – Balance & Creativity, Solar Plexus Chakra – Chamomile roman with Tigers Eye – Courage & Power, Heart Chakra – Bergamot with Green Aventurine – Joy & Opportunity, Throat Chakra – Basil with Magnesite -Clarity & Strength, Third Eye Chakra – Clary sage with Sodalite – Insight & Intuition, Crown Chakra – Frankincense with Amethyst – Inner Peace & Serenity.

Aroma Jewellery can be supplied as a stand alone item or with a 3ml dropper bottle of Chakra essential oil blend or any other blend from the Aromatherapy By Samantha product range.  All aroma jewellery is supplied with a presentation burlap pouch.  *See internal information leaflet for further product information and safety considerations. Essential oils are blended with skin nourishing coconut oil.




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