Tailored Rollerballs

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Tailored Rollerballs

A personal touch, for you alone. A comprehensive consultation to create a synergistic blend
that’s exclusively yours. A great gift for you or someone special.
Price: £20

Once purchased, please book a consultation to discuss your bespoke package

2 reviews for Tailored Rollerballs

  1. Amy

    Sam creates a variety of fantastic, effective products for me that address my personal needs; promoting stress relief, calm and to aid sleep. No more tablets needed to combat insomnia, Sam’s personalised blends send me off to sleep and help me return to sleep if I do wake

  2. Sian Kilcommons

    Sam is such an expert at this!! I was a little skeptical when she started a treatment blend for my rosacea which has never responded to anything other than antibiotics- after a few weeks my skin was better than it has been for years ! I couldn’t believe it, no more sore skin, no more big break outs. Plus I loved the ritual of applying it and as a bonus the night time one helped me to sleep!! It really has changed how I feel about my skin and myself – powerful stuff!!

    Separately she did a blend especially for my son who, due to some additional needs struggles to regulate his feelings and settle for bed. I massage him with it each evening and he loves it! It helps him to calm and drift off to sleep without any upset.

    She really is a Wonder Woman, thank you Sam!

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