Chakra Tea Lights


Seven individual tea lights, expertly crafted using a combination of sustainable soy and beeswax blended with pure essential oils and infused with high vibrational angelic energy. Each candle can be lit and enjoyed individually when working with a specific chakra or light all seven candles together and enjoy the harmonious blend of Chakra to help you Meditate. Connect. Relax.

Crown Chakra – Frankincense – Peace & Serenity, Third Eye Chakra – Clary sage – Insight & Intuition, Throat Chakra – Basil – Clarity & Strength, Heart Chakra – Bergamot – Joy & Opportunity, Solar Plexus Chakra – Chamomile roman – Courage & Power, Sacral Chakra – Ylang ylang – Balance & Creativity, Root Chakra – Vetiver – Grounding & Protection

Each box of tea lights includes a free natural wooden mini diffuser which incorporates the Chakra blend so you can take in the luxurious scent. See internal information leaflet for further product information and safety considerations.



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