To my woodland inspired aromatherapy treatment room where the soothing embrace of
nature’s pure essential oils awaits.

Allow me to take you on a journey of relaxation and renewal to restore balance, both
physically and emotionally.

Tailored Aromatherapy Treatments

Aromatherapist Samantha Wells hand blends her oils individually.

Every treatment begins with a complimentary consultation.

Blissful back, neck, and shoulder massage

A rejuvenating 30 minute treatment dedicated to easing away stress and tension in your
back, neck and shoulders.

Take relaxation to a whole new level with an extended 45 minute session that includes a
mini face and scalp massage.
*30 minutes: £30
*45 minutes (including face and scalp): £35

Rejuvenating Full Body Massage

A soothing foot cleanse paves the way for a tension relieving back, neck and shoulder massage.

Your legs and feet are given the rest they deserve to help unwind and improve
circulation. An abdominal massage follows, leading to a soothing neck massage and a restful hand and arm massage. The ultimate head to toe treatment, your time with aromatherapist Samantha finishes with a gentle mini face and scalp massage.
*60 minutes: £45

AromaReflex *available from September

A fusion of Reflexology and Aromatherapy begins with a thorough foot assessment to
pinpoint areas of concern or tension through the key reflex points of the body.

A tailormade aromatherapy massage cream is blended to target these areas as it is gently massaged into your feet.

This fully clothed treatment is a deeply relaxing, unique experience for your entire body and mind.
* AromaReflex complements but does not replace a traditional reflexology treatment.
*50 minutes: £35

Moroccan Sacred Candle Massage

Step into the luxurious world of Moroccan Hammams with a sumptuous deep cleansing and
exfoliating back and shoulder treatment.

Using the warm wax from your own personal soy
wax and essential oil candle to create a rejuvenating and profoundly relaxing experience
that echoes the magic of Morocco.
*As a special gift, a complimentary candle is included for you to take home.
*45 minutes: £40

Signature Holistic Facial

A multi-sensory, refreshing and rejuvenating facial treatment. All natural, vegan aromatherapy products will send you on a global adventure from the comfort of Samantha’s therapy room.

Blending specially composed music with a deeply relaxing facial routine, creating a facial encounter that must not be missed.
*As an added bonus, enjoy a 10 minute treatment of your choice: scalp, arm, or foot
*60 minutes: £50

Gift Vouchers

Gift the Gift of Relaxation
Make your loved one’s day extra special with the gift of relaxation.

Aromatherapy by Samantha’s Gift Vouchers are more than just tokens. They’re an invitation to unwind.
Beautifully presented, the blank greeting cards are exclusively designed by talented Honley artist, Katie Walden Illustrations.

Choose from two charming Aromatherapy designs, one
featuring florals, and the other with an herbaceous touch.
Vouchers can be redeemed for a variety of treatments or products and are valid for 6
months. They can be made out for a specific treatment or product, or as a value amount.

Picture shows essential oils being dropped into a mixing cup


Aromatherapy Rollerballs – Infuse Wellbeing With Every Roll.

A Pocket Sized Wellness Retreat Within Reach
Aromatherapy By Samantha provides a personalised aromatherapy rollerball blending service, starting with a thorough consultation. Drawing on Samantha’s expertise and your preferences, the aromatherapist carefully blends a unique synergy of essential oils infused in a nourishing carrier oil.

This tailored creation is more than just a scent. It’s your wellbeing solution to entice your senses and empower you to manage your wellness on the go.

Simple Directions
Simply unscrew the cap and gently apply the soothing blend to your pulse points or palms.
Inhale and feel the transformative difference.

Aromatherapy rollerballs are versatile and can
help alleviate a wide range of conditions, from stress and anxiety to muscular discomfort, digestive issues, arthritis, low mood, low confidence and headaches. There’s a beautiful oil for every concern.

The Gift of Wellness
Looking for a thoughtful gift? Samantha’s aromatherapy rollerballs make an ideal present and can be shipped throughout the UK. Aromatherapy By Samantha also provides a free
local delivery within a 2 mile radius of Honley.

The aromatherapy rollerballs are reusable and come in eco-friendly packaging, reflecting Samantha’s commitment to sustainability and environmental kindness.

Wellness at Your Fingertips
In addition to personalised rollerballs, Samantha offers a range of pre-blended options, designed to address general wellbeing needs.

See ‘Shop’ for further details.


Sustainability and commitment to the planet are at the heart of Aromatherapy By Samantha’s values.

Eco-Friendly Essential Oils
Samantha sources essential oils with a focus on sustainability and, where possible, organically derived products.

Aromatherapy By Samantha’s partners share the same
commitment to environmental care and sustainability.

Supporting Local Businesses                                        Aromatherapy By Samantha prioritises local business collaborations where possible.
By choosing local we reduce our carbon footprint and invest in our local communities.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
Aromatherapy By Samantha’s product packaging is designed with the environment in mind
to minimise plastic.

Blended With Love
Every product you receive is made and packaged by hand in Samantha’s home in Honley,
which sits in the leafy Holme Valley.

Natural Goodness
Face the World products are rooted in aromatherapy and composed of natural ingredients, suitable for all skin types.*Vegan *Paraben Free *SLS Free *Cruelty Free *Ethically Sourced *Made in the UK

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Face The World Treatments

Face The World are anaward-winning  company, specialising in multi-sensory massage courses ethical vegan skin care ing the effects…

Face The World are anaward-winning  company, specialising in multi-sensory massage courses ethical vegan skin care ing the effects ofmusic therapy, touch, aromatherapy skin rejuvenation blissful, multi-sensory massages.