Tailored Aromatherapy Treatments

Aromatherapist Samantha Wells hand blends her oils individually. Every treatment begins with a complimentary consultation.

Blissful back, neck, and shoulder massage

A rejuvenating 30 minute treatment dedicated to easing away stress and tension in your
back, neck and shoulders.

Take relaxation to a whole new level with an extended 45 minute session that includes a
mini face and scalp massage.
*30 minutes: £30
*45 minutes (including face and scalp): £35

Rejuvenating Full Body Massage

A soothing foot cleanse paves the way for a tension relieving back, neck and shoulder massage.

Your legs and feet are given the rest they deserve to help unwind and improve circulation. An abdominal massage follows, leading to a soothing neck massage and a restful hand and arm massage. The ultimate head to toe treatment, your time with aromatherapist Samantha finishes with a gentle mini face and scalp massage.
*60 minutes: £45

AromaReflex *available from January 2024

A fusion of Reflexology and Aromatherapy begins with a thorough foot assessment to
pinpoint areas of concern or tension through the key reflex points of the body.

A tailormade aromatherapy massage cream is blended to target these areas as it is gently massaged into your feet.

This fully clothed treatment is a deeply relaxing, unique experience for your entire body and mind.
* AromaReflex complements but does not replace a traditional reflexology treatment.
*50 minutes: £35

Moroccan Sacred Candle Massage

Step into the luxurious world of Moroccan Hammams with a sumptuous deep cleansing and
exfoliating back and shoulder treatment.

Using the warm wax from your own personal soy wax and essential oil candle to create a rejuvenating and profoundly relaxing experience that echoes the magic of Morocco.
*As a special gift, a complimentary candle is included for you to take home.
*45 minutes: £40

Signature Holistic Facial

A multi-sensory, refreshing and rejuvenating facial treatment. All natural, vegan aromatherapy products will send you on a global adventure from the comfort of Samantha’s therapy room.

Blending specially composed music with a deeply relaxing facial routine, creating a facial encounter that must not be missed.
*As an added bonus, enjoy a 10 minute treatment of your choice: scalp, arm, or foot
*60 minutes: £50